Halloween Latte Art: Tutorial by Coffee-Bike

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Two white coffee bike cups with spider web and pumpkin latte art stand in front of a basket with different kinds of pumpkins and autumn decorations, bottom right white Coffee-Bike logo

“Trick or treat” was yesterday. Today, the question is: “Trick or treat for Halloween coffee”. While little mummies, ghosts and vampires go in search of candy, adults can pass the time with a Halloween-style coffee brew. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to turn your cappuccino into a spooky hot drink.

You’ll need a cup, a pot, a milk frother, fresh milk and aromatic espresso. In our online shop you will find our certified Caferino espresso beans. For the perfect milk foam, it is best to use milk or a milk alternative with a fat content of at least 3.5%. The optimum temperature for milk foam is between 65 and 68 degrees. With creamy milk foam you are ready for the white coffee art.


Motif 1: The pumpkin

The typical latte art for beginners is the heart. The barista pours a circle and pulls back the milk jug to shape the circle into a heart symbol. You can simply omit the last step with the pumpkin. Use a stirring rod or latte art tool to refine the shape and paint scary eyes and a scary jagged mouth into the milk foam. To make your cappuccino darker and the milk foam stand out even more, use two espresso shots.

Motif 2: The spider’s web

The next Halloween motif is for all Spiderman fanatics and creepy-crawly lovers. You prepare a normal cappuccino and make sure that a large white spot of milk foam collects on the surface. In one “corner” of the cup, draw thin lines of chocolate sauce. Start with short lines and keep increasing the distance until your spider’s web is big enough. Then, using a fine utensil, stroke vertically from the outside to the inside of the curved lines so that the chocolate sauce joins together in a few places and finally forms a point. You might also be able to make a little spider out of the chocolate sauce. Let your imagination run wild!

Motif 3: The bat

The close relatives of vampires also look great on a cappuccino. On the left side, swing the milk jug back and forth as if you were pouring a fern leaf. Then turn the cup and repeat on the right side. This will be the wings of your bat. In between you put a white dot that represents the head of the animal. The pointed teeth are a must for the bat, of course, while you can adjust the shape of the wings as you like with the barista tool.

Well, how did you like the spooky latte art motifs? You can find more of them on our Instagram channel coffeebike_official this week. If you prefer to get your coffee to go directly at the mobile coffee bar, but don’t want to miss out on the Halloween feeling, you can opt for a spicy Pumpkin Spice Latte. The baristas at all participating Coffee-Bikes are happy to give you the pumpkin taste experience

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