Difference between cappuccino and latte macchiato – the Coffee-Bike classics

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You love the taste of strong espresso combined with frothy milk. That’s why your order at the Coffee-Bike is often a delicious cappuccino or a hot latte macchiato. Milk or milk alternative and espresso – but what exactly is the difference between the two coffee classics? We’ll show you in this blog post.


Cappuccino convinces with latte art

For an 8 OZ cup with a filling capacity of 200 ml, you need 25 ml of espresso and 175 ml of milk foam. At the Coffee-Bike you will see that the barista prepares the perfect milk foam while the espresso shot is already running into a cup. The milk foam made from oat milk, soy milk or cow’s milk is now added to the espresso. A professional barista will be happy to conjure up a graceful swan, a pretty flower or a beautiful heart on your cappuccino. With a little practice, you can create latte art on your favourite drink, too.


Perfectly layered latte macchiato

Especially in transparent glasses, you can recognise a successful latte macchiato by the individual layers, which are divided into milk, espresso and milk foam from the bottom to the top. At the mobile coffee bar, you can enjoy a latte macchiato in a 12 oz cup with 25 ml of espresso and 265 ml of milk foam. Here you can see the first difference to the cappuccino, because the milk content of the latte macchiato is higher in relation to the espresso than in the cappuccino. There is also a difference in the order of preparation. With latte macchiato, the milk foam is poured into the cup first and then the espresso is added. By slowly adding the aromatic bean liquid, the desired layers are created.

Have you ever tried our special latte creations at the Coffee-Bike? You can choose between the fresh Mint-Choc Latte, the fruity Blackforest-Cherry Latte and the sweet Caramel-Choc Latte. A normal latte macchiato can be transformed into a Coffee-Bike Special by adding different types of syrup. Simply delicious!

With its diverse range, the Coffee-Bike is a highlight at every event. Book your coffee catering of the mobile coffee bar now via our event calculator. We look forward to spoiling you with various coffee specialities, creative latte art and great service.

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