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In the foreground a Coffe-Bike Clearcup with orange juice is held, in the background sits a woman with jeans trousers and bright jacket, who stirs an Iced Latte in the Clearcup with the straw, below right white Coffe-Bike logo

With the summer temperatures, you’re really in the mood for a refreshing drink. How about an Iced Latte or a Summer Special from the Coffee-Bike? Our cold drinks are now available in transparent cups made of recycled plastic. So you can enjoy your coffee speciality with a clear conscience.


What are the advantages of the Clear Cups?

The cups previously used, which were made of high-quality corn starch-based bioplastic (PLA), could not be left in the sun for long or stored at over 40 degrees. So we evaluated what sustainable alternative we could use. The new cups made from recycled plastic (RPET) with Coffee-Bike branding do not melt in the heat, they are 100 per cent recyclable and by using them no new plastic needs to be produced. Since it is important to drink a lot in summer, the Clear Cups are available in two sizes with a 300ml or 400ml filling capacity. In short, the new Clear Cups are a win-win alternative for the environment and our franchise partners.


Clear Cups, returnable cups, deposit cups – sustainable to-go business

In November 2021, we introduced our own deposit cup system on the German and Austrian market. This means that you can order your favourite coffee speciality in a deposit cup at all participating Coffee-Bikes by depositing one euro. After your moment of pleasure, you can return the cup to any bike and get your euro back. Another option is our reusable cup with the striking orange lid, which keeps your coffee speciality warm for up to 30 minutes and is even dishwasher-safe. With the Coffee-Bike design, the cup is a visual eye-catcher with absolute souvenir potential. To take away and come back to!

The disposable cups at our mobile coffee bar are also 100 percent biodegradable, as the coating is made of PLA (corn starch-based bioplastic). The Clear Cups made from recycled plastic are therefore a perfect match for our range. Not only do we take care of the environment with our to-go cups, but we also consciously select our consumables. Our straws and the packaging of our certified organic Caferino beans are plastic-free. As a café franchise, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility, which is why we are constantly working on developing the to-go business. In addition, we donate 0.10 euros per Caferino bean package sold to the aid organisation terre des hommes – help for children in need.

In the new Clear Cups, you can enjoy not only our Summer Specials, but also caffeine-free alternatives such as smoothies, milkshakes, iced tea or orange juice. Find a Coffee-Bike near you in our free Coffee-Bike app (Android & iOS) and try out our new sustainable cups. The barista is looking forward to meeting you!


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