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A quick coffee to go on the way to work or while shopping. It’s hard to imagine our everyday life without the “mobile coffee”. We are now used to food and drinks being available to us around the clock and everywhere. But this development also has its downsides. The to-go business is a major concern for environmentalists. Cups, packaging and other remnants of the quick treat are unfortunately still often carelessly disposed of in nature.

But there are now many solutions that allow us to enjoy our beloved coffee without a guilty conscience. You can find out exactly what these are and how we at Coffee-Bike deal with the issue of sustainability later. First, let’s jump back a few decades and take a look at where the coffee to go trend originated in the first place.


The coffee to go – an American

The USA has always been THE country of trends. Whether it’s music, fashion or food. On the streets of New York and Los Angeles, new trends emerge almost daily. In the course of globalisation, these trends have also increasingly shaped our culture in recent decades. According to the motto “What comes from America is cool! Coffee to go has also quickly become the secret star of many series and films and has thus also made its way to Europe. Today, there are numerous coffee chains whose business is mainly based on the sale of quick coffee enjoyment.

No wonder, compared to the classic filter coffee from the machine at home, the coffee to go is hip and modern and has become a permanent part of urban culture in recent years.


Coffee to go can also be sustainable

As already mentioned, there are also many critical voices that put the trend of mobile enjoyment in direct connection with the pollution of our landscapes. Therefore, we would like to give you a few tips on how you can act sustainably and still enjoy your coffee to go.

The best solution for sustainable enjoyment are definitely reusable beverage cups. These cups are now available in every conceivable colour and variety. Thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, they can be used again and again, protecting not only the waste bins but also the environment. Next time you’re at the coffee bike, ask your favourite barista if he can offer you a reusable cup. By the way, you can also find great alternatives in our Coffee-Bike Shop. It’s worth a visit.

But if a reusable cup is not available, there is no need to worry. All our cups are 100% biodegradable and our straws for the delicious Coffee Specials are also plastic-free. If you then take care to properly dispose of them, there’s just nothing standing in the way of your coffee to go enjoyment. 


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