Coffee-Bike Amazing Places #9: A location with a promising future – a Dresden Coffee-Biker reports

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A fully equipped Coffee-Bike stands in front of a building with a bright frontage

The World Trade Center in Dresden has one more attraction. For a few weeks now, visitors to the office and business complex have been able to regularly enjoy fresh coffee specialities – prepared on a Coffee-Bike by barista Torsten Wielobinski. In recent years, the WTC in Dresden has developed into a leading location for science, administration and business. The complex comprises approx. 90,000 m² of office and retail space right in the centre of the Saxon metropolis.

Despite the current Corona situation, the prospects for this location are favourable. “The location in the WTC is very interesting for me due to the weekly market and the approx. 90 companies and shops present. At the moment, many employees are still in home offices, but that will also change soon and contribute to increasing customer frequency.” – says the Coffee-Biker from Dresden.


With continuity and ambition to success

Torsten has been part of the Coffee-Bike family since 2020 and of course he is also feeling the effects of the pandemic, which has posed a few challenges for him and his business in recent months. He had his first big assignment with the Coffee-Bike in September 2020 at the Dresden Movie Festival. But with the current restrictions, a certain sense of normality is finally returning to the Dresden location in 2021.

Even though the start was more difficult than expected, Torsten Wielobinski didn’t let it get him down and his efforts were rewarded with success: “Since this year, I’ve been trying to carry out operations with the Coffee-Bike via weekly markets, which I’ve also managed to do by constantly asking the organisers and by contacting successful weekly market traders of many years’ standing.” This is also how he was able to get the lucrative location in Dresden’s World Trade Center for his business. His secret lies above all in continuity and the customer contacts he has gained as a result.

For the future, Torsten hopes that the Coffee-Bike will become better known in Dresden and the whole region in a positive way. Torsten’s conclusion is optimistic: “I really enjoy this work and I hope for further flexibility so that more events can take place again. In preparation for this, I have already made contact with several organisers.”

We wish Torsten continued success and thank him for sharing his inspiring story with us! As a barista, he is a great role model for all those who don’t let new challenges get them down and live their dream of self-employment with special ambition. If you would like to visit Torsten in person, just check out our Coffee Bike app. There you can see daily when and where exactly he and his Coffee-Bike are currently located.

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