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Imagine you are a new franchise partner at Coffee-Bike. You have learned about the franchise concept and the Coffee-Bike business in one of our free online webinars, had a START-up call with our team and then decided to take the first step into self-employment. However, you have never operated a portafilter machine and are wondering how the Coffee-Bike works? No problem – we’ll turn you into a professional barista in just a few days!

In order to be prepared for the Coffee-Bike, our new franchise partners receive several days of barista and technical training. We invite the new starters to our headquarters in Osnabrück to teach them the craft of a Coffee-Biker at the Coffee-Bike Academy.


From the marketing module to sales training

Since our franchise partners are part of the #coffeebikefamily, they also get to know the staff at the head office. The training is divided into different modules, which are led by our specialist departments. The Coffee-Bike and its functions are the focus of the first few days. (You can already read about everything that belongs to the Coffee-Bike in this blog post). How do I make the perfect espresso with a portafilter machine, how does the grinder work or what ingredients go into a Mint-Choc Latte – all these questions are part of the training. Milk frothing also needs to be learned in order to create the perfect latte art heart.

In addition to the practical tips for preparing for daily coffee catering, we also address the topics of marketing and catering, among others. To acquire new customers and generate more reach, not only social media but also press and public relations help. Coffee-Bikers can also turn to the head office’s marketing team for design services. They can also benefit from the events department, which acquires catering requests and refers them to the franchise partners.

The practical highlight is the sales training, where a sales situation is simulated at the head office. Each employee is allowed to order a coffee speciality, which the Coffee-Biker then prepares using his newly learned skills. In order to get more routine in handling the Coffee-Bike, there will also be practical assignments on the last days of the training, where the new partner accompanies our baristas from the head office to a coffee catering.

At the end of the training, the Coffee-Bike is handed over to the franchise partner fully equipped so that nothing stands in the way of starting out as a Coffee-Biker.

Is coffee your passion too and can you imagine setting up your own business with a Coffee-Bike? Then register now for one of our free online webinars.


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