Sustainable cups 2.0 - Coffee-Bike deposit cups in all sizes

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White cups in various sizes are placed on the shelf of the Coffee-Bike

Enjoying your coffee in a sustainable reusable cup - this has been a reality at Coffee-Bike not just since the introduction of the new packaging law in January 2023. Back in November 2021, we were the first mobile German café franchise concept to introduce our own deposit cup system with the clear aim of giving you as a customer the opportunity to decide for yourself whether you want to enjoy your coffee or cappuccino in a reusable or disposable to-go cup.

A few months have passed since then and with them numerous deposit cups have passed through your hands. High time to further expand our deposit system. Until now, our deposit cups were only available in the 0.2-0.4 litre format. This is now changing. From now on, you can enjoy every (and by that we really mean EVERY) speciality coffee at the Coffee-Bike in a returnable deposit cup. We have expanded our range to include a small 0.1 litre version. This size is perfect for enjoying a delicious espresso.

But these are not the only innovations. Our deposit system is now available at all participating Swiss Coffee-Bikes as well as in Germany and Austria.

How does the Coffee-Bike deposit system work?

For just one euro (or CHF 2) deposit, you can have your freshly prepared coffee speciality filled into a deposit cup at any participating Coffee-Bike and enjoy it. After enjoying your coffee, you can return your reusable cup to any Coffee-Bike in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and get your deposit back in exchange. Acting sustainably has rarely been easier.

Recyclable deposit cups made from polypropylene

Our returnable cups are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are of course free from BPA and harmful substances. The material is tasteless and dishwasher-safe and is therefore ideal for filling with delicious coffee specialities.

Our deposit cups are produced exclusively in Germany, which not only guarantees high product quality, but also ensures short delivery routes. Our returnable cups also look great. The familiar minimalist coffee bike design guarantees not only the best taste but also a high recognition value.

So, to summarise briefly once again: From now on, you can enjoy any speciality coffee in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a sustainable reusable deposit cup fresh from the coffee bike. Stop by and be inspired. Our baristas look forward to seeing you.

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