Amazing Places #16: Coffee-Bike in the Bad Rothenfelde spa gardens

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A man in Coffee-Bike clothing stands in front of the bike with a cup in his hand

Spring is here and the parks and cafés are filling up. At last, it's time to head outdoors again to enjoy the spring-like temperatures and warm rays of sunshine. In the Osnabrück region, many people are drawn to one particular place these days - the spa gardens in Bad Rothenfelde.

With its two graduation towers covering a total of 18 hectares, the spa park is a green oasis and the perfect place for relaxing walks and picnics with family and friends. And if you fancy a delicious coffee to-go, you won't be disappointed. Barista Mario Ivandic's Coffee-Bike can be found in the spa gardens in Bad Rothenfelde again this year.

Mario only decided to become self-employed as part of a Coffee-Bike franchise partnership last year and has not regretted his decision since. "I chose Coffee-Bike because it gives me the opportunity to offer high-quality coffee at different locations and to be flexible," reports the former parcel deliverer. The advantages of the Coffee-Bike franchise for him are the mobility, the small space requirement and the opportunity to be present at various events and locations. For the barista newcomer, Coffee-Bike catering is characterised above all by the high quality of the coffee, professionalism and, last but not least, the flexibility that the mobile coffee bar offers in daily use.

Together for success - Coffee-Bike sales locations

At its location in the spa gardens of Bad Rothenfeld, Mario particularly appreciates the large number of visitors. The park is a popular destination where customers like to enjoy their coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. The barista discovered this sales location via the Coffee-Bike headquarters. Many of the Coffee-Bike locations are acquired directly by the Coffee-Bike head office staff and then passed on to the franchise partners. "Together for success" is the motto here.

In addition to the support from the Coffee-Bike headquarters, Mario knows that other factors also contribute to his success: "Hard work, commitment and a willingness to cater to the needs of my customers." The goal of the Coffee-Biker, whose favourite drinks are the classic cappuccino and espresso macchiato, is to expand his business and continue to delight his customers with high-quality coffee specialities. No distance is too far for Mario, because in the past he has even crossed a cornfield on his Coffee-Bike to get to his stand.

Would you also like to start your own business and supply your customers with the most delicious coffee specialities every day at different sales locations? Then take the first step and request our free information pack today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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