The Coffee-Bike coffee catering relies on real experience gastronomy at almost every location. Due to the self-sufficient operation of our mobile coffee bar, our baristas inspire business and new customers, wedding guests and trade fair visitors alike. The Coffee-Bike convinces not only as a visual highlight and coffee specialties of the highest quality. At the same time, it is a place of communication for young and old, who appreciate the taste of professional barista craftsmanship. You want to rent a barista for your event? Here you will find all the important information:

1.How can I rent the mobile coffee bar for events?

If you want to rent the Coffee-Bike including barista, then you can easily contact our event team. Afterwards we will send over a non-binding offer by e-mail and after you have completed the booking process, you will receive a booking confirmation. In the background, we arrange your coffee catering within our system to an available Coffee-Bike franchise partner. After approx. 48 hours you will receive an official order confirmation by e-mail including the e-mail address of the responsible barista, who will take over the catering at your event. Please note that we do not have Coffee-Bikes in every county. So, the process might differ in your case. Major events lasting several days, special product requests or logistical challenges usually require a telephone consultation. E-mail us, we will be happy to advise you!

2.How much does the Coffee-Bike Event Catering Service costs?

The prices of our catering services differ according to the country where the catering takes places. In Germany we not only distinguish between private and corporate customers, but also offer several options when putting together your individual offer. For example, as a business customer, you can choose between a beverage flat rate and consumption-specific billing. With the second option, we invoice the drinks served after the coffee catering has been carried out. Optional are, for example, various snacks, cold drinks and you can rent an additional barista, depending on how many guests are expected on site. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

3.For which events can I use the Coffee-Bike?

Coffee-Bike, coffee cart, coffee bar – as versatile as the names for our mobile coffee bar are the possible applications of our bike. Due to the self-sufficient operation, there are almost no limits to the areas of application of our coffee catering (see point 20). Compared to other coffee carts, our mobile Coffee-Bike only requires a floor area of about 6 square meters. Customers rent our baristas for private parties as well as for business events. The nostalgic retro design of the Coffee-Bike fits particularly well into the overall picture at weddings, birthdays and company parties and at the same time ensures that the mobile coffee bar also acts as a visitor magnet at trade fairs or during promotional campaigns.

4.Which drinks are offered (in the beverage flatrate)?

The Coffee-Bike is a mobile coffee bar on wheels, where we offer the entire product portfolio of a classic coffee shop. You are welcome to download our core range as a PDF. In addition to real Coffee Classics, such as Espresso or Latte, we also inspire your guests as standard with extraordinary Coffee-Specials, such as the Blackforest-Cherry Latte.

Seasonal extras, such as Iced Latte drinks of our Coffee-Specials, Mulled Wine or alcoholic beverages are not included in our standardized offers. Nevertheless, we can offer these at your coffee catering. Please send us an e-mail.

5.Is there an additional travel fee for the Coffee-Bike to my offer?

The offers you get generally include the costs for arrival and departure in the form of a service fee. The travel allowance is normally included in the package prices offered. If we send you an individual offer by e-mail, these requirements also apply. An additional travel fee for the arrival of the mobile coffee bar will be highlighted in your offer if necessary.

6.From how many people should I hire a second barista?

It is advisable to book a second barista for coffee catering from at least 100 guests. It is important to note, however, that this information is only an empirical value, which may vary depending on the event, product portfolio and local conditions. Especially for events with a high fluctuation or a company with previously known elaborate extra wishes, we recommend always calculating with a second barista, regardless of the number of guests.

To avoid long waiting times at the mobile coffee bar, you can expect about 60 drinks that a single Coffee-Biker can prepare per hour on the portafilter machine. With a second barista, the number increases to around 100 coffee specialities. Even with this value, it is important to note that the type of drinks ordered can contribute significantly to a deviation in this number. After all, a Latte with fine milk foam is more complex to prepare than a classic Espresso.

7.Is there a minimum booking period for mobile coffee catering?

If you want to rent the Coffee-Bike, the minimum booking period for our coffee catering is 3 hours. We do not differentiate between private and corporate customers or the type of event.

If you would like to shorten the serving time in the booking process, please let us know this special request by e-mail to the catering department. Please note that in any case the full 3 hours will still be charged by us.

8.Am I allowed to use my own porcelain for coffee at my event?

At our mobile coffee bar, we serve the coffee specialities in recyclable to-go cups as standard. If you want to be served in high-quality dishes, you can choose our Coffee-Bike porcelain in the booking process. Foreign porcelain may not be used. A sustainable alternative to porcelain are branded reusable cups, which we can offer for business customers for a fee with our own logo, but also for private customers depending on the event location (see point 11).

9.Is it possible to book an event date in advance? When will I receive an official order confirmation?

Our catering department of Coffee-Bike GmbH acts as an intermediary between the operators of our approximately 250 Coffee-Bikes and you as a customer. Every Coffee-Biker is an independent entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, we cannot and may not check the calendar of each individual biker to reserve an appointment for you.

Only after you have made your booking online or in writing, our mediation process starts. As a rule, you will then receive an official order confirmation by e-mail within about 48 hours, including information about which Coffee-Biker will take over the catering at your event.

10.Can I directly commission a Coffee-Biker from the region with the coffee catering?

Please tell us about the desired barista via e-mail. We will ask the availability for you and get back with an offer if the Coffee-Biker is available at this day.

Please note that if there are special requests regarding the barista trade or the barista, our catering department must be informed before booking. Send us an e-mail.

11.Are there individual branding options for business customers at the Coffee-Bike?

For corporate customers, we offer various possibilities to brand our mobile coffee bar for event catering use. On the one hand, the bike has frames on the machine and the transport box in which our customers' own posters can be attached. On the other hand, our business customers have had positive experiences with branded disposable and reusable cups at our event caterings. You can request an individual offer for cups with your brand message on our catering page.

12.How far in advance should I book the Coffee-Bike?

Due to the flexibility of our Coffee-Bike, the mobile coffee bar is in great demand for a wide variety of coffee catering orders. Especially seasonal dates and weekends are extremely popular with our customers. We therefore recommend booking the Coffee-Bike at least 4-6 weeks before an upcoming event. Since Coffee-Bike GmbH mediates the orders in the franchise system and does not carry them out itself, a guarantee for the execution of the booking cannot be given at any time. Only the official order confirmation confirms the binding acceptance of the order on our part (see point 9). Please note that branding requests should take place at least 10 weeks prior to the event.

We therefore recommend renting our mobile coffee bar early. If you change your mind before your event, you can cancel the booking at any time free of charge up to three months before the event.

13.What are the payment methods? Do I have to pay the Coffee-Biker in advance or will I receive an invoice?

Only after the execution of our coffee catering service you will receive an invoice from us. Any changes to your initial booking, which you would like to make during the event in consultation with the biker, must be communicated to us by the Coffee-Biker himself. Your guests and you can enjoy our coffee specialties in peace and make unique experiences with the Coffee-Bike that will be remembered. You will receive the invoice digitally by e-mail. This process might differ in some countries.

14.What happens if I want to cancel my booking before the event?

With the paid booking via e-mail, a unilateral contract is concluded on your part. After booking, the coffee catering can be cancelled according to our cancellation policy in the terms and conditions. Depending on the time of cancellation, corresponding costs will be incurred.

15.Can I book the Coffee-Bike for an event, but the visitors pay for their own coffee?

Primarily, we offer a professional coffee catering service with the Coffee-Bike. We charge a total price for our customers, so that visitors do not have to pay for a drink on the Coffee-Bike itself. Nevertheless, our baristas also regularly experience with their Coffee-Bikes in the sense of free sale at events. Under certain circumstances, there is a chance for your event that we can arrange a coffee cart where visitors can purchase their specialties for a fee. As a rule, the principle of sales transfer applies. Our Coffee-Bikers set up a cash register where the proceeds are collected during the event. You can then use these to settle our total bill, so that you can offer professional coffee catering even with a small event budget. To check this possibility, please write us an e-mail with all the key data about the event. We will be happy to call you back.

16.What do I have to consider regarding the set-up time of the Coffee-Bike when booking?

Please enter the serving time as the start time of the event in your booking request. Our Coffee-Bikers automatically calculate about 1 hour in advance for the construction of the mobile coffee bar, so that your start time determines the time from which our coffee specialties are released. It is best to discuss the exact arrival time of the barista on site directly with him (see point 18).

If it is necessary to set up or dismantle on a day before or after or similar, please inform the catering department during the booking process. You may incur additional costs for this.

17.What do I have to consider in the booking process if I want to request several Coffee-Bikes or event days?

You can rent the Coffee-Bike for consecutive days including barista. However, you can easily make a request via e-mail. In order to be able to process your request as quickly as possible, we would be pleased if you forward the exact event details by e-mail to our catering department . The following information should be included:
Event dates incl. serving times (times of the individual days)

  • Event location
  • Billing address
  • Selection: beverage flat rate or consumption-specific billing
  • Choice: 2. Barista and/or porcelain
  • Estimated number of guests per day
  • Special requests, if applicable

We recommend the same procedure if you want to book several Coffee-Bikes for an event. Various baristas are welcome to carry out the coffee catering at the event with their mobile coffee bars. After receiving your e-mail, we will be happy to make you an offer.

18.With whom can I discuss special requests and logistical challenges?

During the booking and mediation process, our catering department is the right contact for all your questions. As soon as your booking has been assigned to a Coffee-Biker in our system, you will receive an official order confirmation of the execution of the coffee catering by e-mail. In this e-mail you will also find the responsible barista, who takes over the event catering with his mobile coffee bar. If you have any special requests or agreements regarding assembly and dismantling (see point 20), you can then contact the Coffee-Biker directly by e-mail. In any case, you should discuss their feasibility with our event managers beforehand. About a week before the event, the responsible barista will contact you again by phone so that everything goes smoothly. All bikers have had a lot of experience with the Coffee-Bike, so you are in good hands with the consultation.

19.Are requests for changes in the booking generally possible during the execution of the coffee catering?

If you decide to book the Coffee-Bike, then the items from your order confirmation are the basis for the chargeable booking on your part. We will charge you for these items after performing our coffee catering service.

Sometimes the conditions on site during the event require an adjustment of the paid service. If you spontaneously want to extend the bar by one hour, for example, then discuss the feasibility directly with the responsible barista. Our Coffee-Biker will inform us of any additional positions following the operation. In the telephone call with the biker before your event (see point 18), further additional products (e.g., ice cubes) can also be agreed later. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee subsequent changes.

Please note that after the chargeable booking has been triggered, individual items can no longer be debited free of charge subsequently. In any case, our catering department must be informed of any change requests. We then take over the communication with the responsible barista.

20.What technical specifications do I have to consider for the Coffee-Bike?

Water and electricity: In the outdoor area, our mobile coffee bar can, if necessary, be operated autonomously – i.e. without external water or electricity connection. Indoors, we only need a standard 230-volt socket for the smooth execution of our coffee catering.

Dimensions and weight: Due to its existence as a coffee cart, the Coffee-Bike cannot be compared with the dimensions of a standard bicycle. In transportable condition, these are 124x308x175 cm (WxLxH). The required sales area must be about 6 square meters in size, so that our barista and the customers can comfortably find space at the mobile coffee bar. Please note that this must also be barrier-free, as the Coffee-Bike weighs around 500 kg when loaded. Thus, the bike can only be transported in a suitable freight elevator but cannot overcome stairs or hills.

21.Can I physically change the Coffee-Bike in consultation with the barista?

The Coffee-Bike is a product with trademark, technical and safety-related specifications that are contractually stipulated for the franchise system. Thus, even in consultation with the Coffee-Bike, it is not allowed without the approval of our catering department to change the exterior of the bike, e.g., by removing the roof or masking and attaching components.

22.Can I rent the Coffee-Bike without a barista?

As a Coffee-Bike, our bike is the heart of our successful Coffee-Bike concept. Each barista is an independent entrepreneur and service provider with its own mobile coffee bar. Not only because every barista is professionally trained on our Coffee-Bike and the technology specially designed for our Coffee-Bike, but also because we offer an all-round carefree event catering package, it is not possible to rent the bike without our baristas.

23.Do I need permits to carry out the coffee catering or the Coffee-Bike?

Our baristas have all the permits they need to operate their mobile coffee bar (e.g. travel trade license). On private land, the Coffee-Bike coffee catering may be carried out without additional permits from local authorities or instances. On public land, you as a customer are obliged to obtain all necessary permits from the municipality or organizer. Neither the Coffee-Bike GmbH nor the Coffee-Biker is responsible for this. Any costs arising from the non-obtaining of the permits are borne by you as the customer.


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