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Coffee-Bike – Worldwide franchise community and mobile coffee catering

A mobile coffee shop on wheels, made in Germany: In 2010 two students had an idea that has now developed into a viable and internationally successful franchise concept. Coffee-Bike GmbH belongs to the most rapidly growing franchise systems in Germany and succeeds in combining a modern lifestyle with traditional values in a mobile coffee shop.

Owing to the Coffee-Bike’s self-sufficient operating mode, coffee lovers can indulge in the finest hot beverages at the most unusual locations; whether on the weekly market, at a street corner, in the park or especially booked for caterings and events. The mobile coffee bar attracts peoples’ attention.

Equipped with a professional portafilter machine, a specially constructed coffee grinder, a juice squeezer, sufficient means of storage and many other features, the Coffee-Bike is the perfect full-value mobile coffee shop with small space requirements and unbeatably low investment costs.

Our cafés on three wheels offer various coffee classics and coffee specialities made from our own-brand Caferino espresso beans that hold organic certification. We also offer freshly pressed orange juice, various types of tea, hot chocolate and different snacks.

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17. August 2017

Quick Explanation: What is a Franchise actually?

Franchising – almost everyone has heard of it and some of you probably know everything that it entails. For those who still are feeling unclear, we will explain what it is all about. Franchising means that an already existing company essentially loans its successful business concept to a franchisee – of course for a fee. It can be understood as a partnership, where both sides can learn and profit from another, in the beginning phase, but also thereafter. The franchising...

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6 reasons you should drink coffee every day

We already know, that we need our coffee to start our day at the office. How this habit actually benefits our health and spirit, you are about to find out. Caffeine energizes Countless studies have shown what everyone knows: Caffeine wakes you up. When we drink coffee, it blocks the neurotransmitter adenosine. This raises your dopamine levels, the well-known “feel good” hormone. Your short term memory is improved as well asy our reaction time. Mood and energy levels...

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11. July 2017

Summer time is waffle time!

If this slogan sounds foreign to you or if you can only imagine having waffles with powdered sugar or hot cherries in the dead of winter, pay good attention now. After about 7 years of pursuing the idea of a mobile coffee shop, first in Germany and then abroad, we got bored… Just kidding! The truth is, some of our franchise partners came to us with a specific request. They wanted the option to sell waffles along with specialty coffees. Not wanting to overload the...

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15. May 2017

What Your Coffee Says About You

There are people who let the stars predict their personality. Others seek a therapist or take endless online quizzes. Others yet ask their parents or friends (warning: they only lie to you anyways). We, as a coffee company, developed another method. When we get a new colleague, we analyze their coffee habits. How that looks and what your coffee choice says about you, you are about to find out here: Espresso: You prefer the LBD (little black drink). You are adaptable and...

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Coffee Bike CB

12. April 2017

Coffee-Bike Bristol: Freshly brewed coffee on wheels

Coffee-Bike is now rolling through Bristol Chai Latte, Black Forest Cherry Latte and Caramel Mocha – a café on wheels in Bristol offers exceptional awakening treats. Tomasz Podpora is selling all kinds of certified organic coffee classics and specialities from his Coffee-Bike, a mobile coffee shop on wheels. For a while he has been selling his delicious coffee specialities in Trowbridge and its surroundings but has now changed his territory to his hometown Bristol....

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