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Coffee-Bike – Worldwide franchise community and mobile coffee catering

A mobile coffee shop on wheels, made in Germany: In 2010 two students had an idea that has now developed into a viable and internationally successful franchise concept. Coffee-Bike GmbH belongs to the most rapidly growing franchise systems in Europe and succeeds in combining a modern lifestyle with traditional values in a mobile coffee shop.

Owing to the Coffee-Bike’s self-sufficient operating mode, coffee lovers can indulge in the finest hot beverages at the most unusual locations; whether on the weekly market, at a street corner, in the park or especially booked for caterings and events. The mobile coffee bar attracts peoples’ attention.

Equipped with a professional portafilter machine, a specially constructed coffee grinder, a juice squeezer, sufficient means of storage and many other features, the Coffee-Bike is the perfect full-value mobile coffee shop with small space requirements and unbeatably low investment costs.

Our cafés on three wheels offer various coffee classics and coffee specialities made from our own-brand "Caferino" espresso beans that hold organic certification. We also offer freshly pressed orange juice, various types of tea, hot chocolate and different snacks.

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What's new?

22. September 2021

Cooking with coffee – find out how!

Did you know that coffee is not only good in the coffee maker, but also on the cooker or in the oven? We show you a few interesting ways to spice up your next meal with aromatic coffee. If you prefer baking to cooking, you should definitely check out this recipe. How do you use coffee for cooking? The best basis for cooking is always the whole bean. Whether whole or ground into powder, fresh coffee is always a better alternative than the instant version. The whole...

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Kaffee richtig aufbewahren

25. August 2021

Storing coffee properly: Our tips!

Whether it’s coffee beans or coffee powder – how do you store this precious commodity properly? You might not believe it, but this topic can trigger controversial discussions. We would like to give you a few extra fresh tips so that your coffee can continue to develop its full aroma and every cup is a pleasure. Of course, we’ll also show you where to get the best coffee for home use, but more on that later. Finding the right storage box Before we talk...

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17. August 2021

DIY: Latte art at home

Who doesn’t enjoy a little heart made of milk on their cappuccino? Many baristas receive admiring glances every time they skillfully handle a cup and milk jug. We show you how you can create your own milk heart at home and reveal the secret of perfect latte art. Step 1: The perfect milk froth All you need is a cup, a small can, a milk frother (electric or steam), fresh milk and aromatic espresso (available here) and the fun can begin. We’ll start with the...

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16. July 2021

The best time for coffee – Let’s find out!

No matter whether it’s morning, noon or night…coffee always tastes good. Depending on the time of day, however, the caffeinated drink can have different effects. But we want to take a closer look at the much-loved morning coffee. Most people can’t do without their morning wake-up drink. It is the elixir of life that gives you energy to start the day. It is not without reason that coffee consumption in Germany (?) averages around 160 litres per year per...

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6. July 2021

The location – 3 ways to success with your Coffee-Bike

Individuality in a franchise system? That may sound like a contradiction to you. But it doesn’t have to be. In the Coffee-Bike franchise system there are many paths to success and each partner is free to choose. Do you want to work at the Coffee-Bike yourself or would you rather hire employees and stay in the background? Would you like to be on the road a lot with your Coffee-Bike or would you prefer to serve a fixed location? As you can see, there is plenty of space...

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