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Coffee-Bike – Worldwide franchise community and mobile coffee catering

A mobile coffee shop on wheels, made in Germany: In 2010 two students had an idea that has now developed into a viable and internationally successful franchise concept. Coffee-Bike GmbH belongs to the most rapidly growing franchise systems in Europe and succeeds in combining a modern lifestyle with traditional values in a mobile coffee shop.

Owing to the Coffee-Bike’s self-sufficient operating mode, coffee lovers can indulge in the finest hot beverages at the most unusual locations; whether on the weekly market, at a street corner, in the park or especially booked for caterings and events. The mobile coffee bar attracts peoples’ attention.

Equipped with a professional portafilter machine, a specially constructed coffee grinder, a juice squeezer, sufficient means of storage and many other features, the Coffee-Bike is the perfect full-value mobile coffee shop with small space requirements and unbeatably low investment costs.

Our cafés on three wheels offer various coffee classics and coffee specialities made from our own-brand "Caferino" espresso beans that hold organic certification. We also offer freshly pressed orange juice, various types of tea, hot chocolate and different snacks.

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Coffee-Bike 100 %



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21. September 2018

Winterspecials 2018 – Can it be some more?

Still 95 days to Christmas. Just the right time to introduce our new two winterspecials. S’mores is a fusion of the words “some more”. The snack originates from scouting trips in the US and Canada. Scouts would toast marshmallows over the fire, and sandwich them between Graham cracksers with a chocolate bar. Based on the original recipe, we have developed our two winter specials: Marshmallow Mocha & Cookie Latte. Whether sticky sweet marshmallows or...

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21. August 2018

Drinking helps – our mobile coffee shop helps surviving summer heat

Tropical temperatures and the mediterranean feeling in Europe. With temperatures up to 40 degrees, we are experiencing an extreme heat this summer. Whether it’s a swimming pool, delicious ice cream or air conditioning – each of us has our own methods to withstand these extreme summer temperatures. How to get cool? Ice cold drinks are mandatory. But wait a moment! Is this a fallacy? Mobile coffee catering – drink some warm coffee Hot temperatures make drinking more...

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2. August 2018

Coffee-Bike and the fight against plastic

Sustainability. A term many people close their eyes to even though it is well know how important it is to the environment, to humanity and above all to future generations. After all, it is no longer a secret that, for example, the climate change is a strong consequence of environmental pollution. Those who did not live in the cellar the last few weeks find out for themselves how extreme (hot) this is to be felt in the meantime. The EU recently adopted a long-term strategy to...

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27. July 2018

Of happiness and the dream of independence – secure special prices now!

Every morning your alarm clock rings at the same time. Your eyes are barely open, you now stand in the bathroom brushing your teeth and then drive to work with a quick breakfast to go. Day in day out you ask yourself: is it worth it? Like most people, you work for a company in a job that doesn’t meet you 100 % and under conditions that you only accept because of the illusion that there will come a moment where you have managed to take a week off. Opening a café...

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17. July 2018

Looking for a taste explosion? Try the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel

Coffee – our favorite drink, is one of the most versatile in the world. The variety of options makes you curious and invites you to try different coffee variations. One person prefers the traditional black coffee, while the other likes a vanilla flavor. Coffee trends such as chai lattes or caramel macchiatos are becoming more and more popular, and with new varieties constantly being created, it is getting harder to decide what to get. Every single taste and flavor are...

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