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Coffee-Bike Bristol: Freshly brewed coffee on wheels

12. April 2017

Coffee-Bike is now rolling through Bristol

Chai Latte, Black Forest Cherry Latte and Caramel Mocha – a café on wheels in Bristol offers exceptional awakening treats. Tomasz Podpora is selling all kinds of certified organic coffee classics and specialities from his Coffee-Bike, a mobile coffee shop on wheels.

For a while he has been selling his delicious coffee specialities in Trowbridge and its surroundings but has now changed his territory to his hometown Bristol. Tomasz is a franchisee of the German franchise system Coffee-Bike: “I was looking for various self-employment options for a while before I came across Coffee-Bike. Right from the start I loved the design of the Bike and its mobility. The Coffee-Bike is self-sustained and can be operated at all kinds of locations indoor and outdoor”, says Tom. After almost one year of operation he is happy with standing behind the Coffee-Bike: “It is a very rewarding job and the customer’s feedback is overwhelming. People just love my coffee specialities like Black Forest Cherry Latte and Mint Choc Latte. Furthermore, the inhabitants as well as the tourists admire the design of the Coffee-Bike.”

Before becoming a Coffee-Biker, Tom had been working as a professional addiction therapist. Now he can be booked as a barista for all kinds of events and caterings. “I get booked for various festivals and events like agricultural shows, fllks and food festivals, etc. Of course I am also catering weddings or birthday parties” says Tomasz.

Along with a variety of certified organic coffee classics and specialities Tomasz also offers various coffee cocktails, freshly squeezed orange juice as well as different kinds of snacks. All hot beverages are served in bio-degradable coffee cups.

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