Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Together with Coffee – the top 5 occasions for coffee

03. May 2019

Coffee is the most popular beverage among Germans and is consumed on numerous occasions – whether for breakfast in the morning or to overcome the midday low in the office. But as we all know: it tastes best in company. Therefore, is there any better way to bring people together than a fresh cup of hot coffee?

But that wasn’t always the case. In the 19th century, coffee was still considered a drink of the rich upper class and was therefore only reserved for a small part of society. Fortunately, that has changed. Today, coffee can be found in all social classes and countries of the world and connects cultures with each other.

The Top 5 occasions for coffee

Coffee helps you to think, relaxes the mood and gets people talking to each other. The Top 5 occasions to enjoy a cup together are by the way:

  1. The meeting in the office
  2. The job interview
  3. The family gossip
  4. The meeting with the best friends
  5. Breakfast at the café

Of course, there are many other occasions as well. But let’s be honest – sometimes there is no need for a reason to take a short break from everyday life with an aromatic cup of coffee.

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