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Quick Explanation: What is a Franchise actually?

17. August 2017

Franchising – almost everyone has heard of it and some of you probably know everything that it entails. For those who still are feeling unclear, we will explain what it is all about.

Franchising means that an already existing company essentially loans its successful business concept to a franchisee – of course for a fee. It can be understood as a partnership, where both sides can learn and profit from another, in the beginning phase, but also thereafter.

The franchising concept is so successful because it makes the transition into self-employment a lot easier. Franchisees profit from a tested business idea and the company’s know-how. Another plus is the name-recognition of the brand. The business comes with a marketing concept that the franchisee can build on, to market their own business professionally to the public from the start. This helps to get the business up and running much faster. Other benefits are a basic and advanced training opportunities, bulk sale benefits as well as a high credit standing.

The drawbacks include long binding contacts, high marking and license costs, the dependency on the franchise company and the lack of ability for personal decision making.

Weighing the pros and cons for each person will vary. Of course, there will be stark differences between the franchise systems and the terms of the contract can vary. Therefore, it is important to check the costs and conditions before you decide on which partnership is best for you.

Franchising with Coffee-Bike GmbH

With the Coffee-Bike franchising concept, the franchisee benefits from extremely low fixed costs. A franchising fee only applies to coffee specialties sold. This means: You only pay a fee when you have sold a coffee. That means our success is your success! For franchisees, this is a benefit because costs only accrue when the bike is actually on the move and selling coffee. If you have a bad hair day or have to attend the wedding of your best friend, you can shutter your three-wheeled café without it costing you money.

Another perk of the Coffee-Bike franchise is that the initial investment cost is also low. When starting a traditional café, the costs quickly rise into the thousands. But with the Coffee-Bike, the investment is way more affordable. Interested parties have the option to buy the bike, as well as the choice between two different rental models. Therefore, the initial investment is reduced and beginning self-employment is made even easier.

Other advantages of our system include the extremely attractive profit margins of the coffee products, as well as the mobility and flexibility that you enjoy with the Coffee-Bike. You decide when and where to go. It does not matter if it is a festival, wedding or a bustling shopping street in the big city, the Coffee-Bike is an eye-catcher and a great conversation-starter with your customers.

Has the idea of franchising caught your attention and are you looking to get started with your own Coffee-Bike? Then get to know everything about our concept and call us, write us an email or fill out our contact form. There can never be enough coffee bikes that serve the people with the best caffeinated beverages. We can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂

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