Coffee beans
Coffee beans

More than a drink – Coffee is a way of life globally

28. November 2017

We are spoiled. Today we can order our favourite cappuccino in any exotic country and every café knows exactly what we want. International differences in coffee culture however, still exist from country to country. For example, Italians prepare their favourite drink differently than Arabs or Turks might. How the black gold is enjoyed in different countries, you will learn here.

Italy. Whoever orders coffee in Italy, will be presented with an espresso. In the country with a long coffee tradition, this classic is served with sugar and enjoyed in two to three sips. Sugar is needed because Italian coffee is made from very dark beans and is very bitter. It is also better digestible than filter coffee since it has less caffeine. Insider tip: If you don’t want to openly look like a tourist, drink your coffee standing at the bar – Italians do not sit for just an espresso.

Austria. While the classic Italian drinker enjoys his drink in a few minutes, an Austrian gives himself more time in a café. For these alpine people, having a coffee is a chance to slow down and relax. Therefore, it is not uncommon to spend multiple hours in one of the renowned coffee houses of Vienna with a cup of “großem Braunen” (directly translated a Big Brown): a double mocha with coffee cream. Pair this with a newspaper or book, for comfort is the motto here.

The Arab world. While coffee may conjure up the image and feel of Italy, the world’s favourite hot beverage actually originated in Arab countries. They can proudly say they were the first to cultivate the bean and develop the aromatic drink. For Arabs, drinking coffee is part of an important ceremony, and the traditional Arabic “Qahwa” is enjoyed heavily spiced from small cups without a handle.

Turkey. In Turkey, coffee – there called “Mokka” – also has a big cultural significance. Water is boiled with a finely ground coffee powder, sometimes twice, and then served, coffee grounds included with a layer of foam. Small tip: do not stir after the coffee as settled, otherwise you will drink the coffee grounds with your coffee.

As you can see, coffee is more than a drink, it is a lifestyle that is enjoyed worldwide. If one of these countries is your next destination, you can now use this knowledge to feel like a local for a brief moment. And if you would prefer a tried and true drink, Coffee-Bike is in all these countries as well. 😉

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