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Hard sheel, soft core – enjoy your espresso in a different way

23. November 2018

The difference between Americano and Espresso

You want a coffee, but you don’t know which one to choose in the coffee shop? Even though you have heard the names of all coffees before, but you don’t really know which one suits you best.

The classic Espresso is not your taste – it’s too bitter. It’s too small. It’s too black. How does café crema taste and does the Americano really have something to do with the Americans? With this article we would like to help you to make the right choice for your perfect coffee moment.

Here are the main differences between Americano and Café Crema:

Café Crema – the coffee with a crown

Café Crema, also known as Schümli-Coffee, is the Swiss alternative to traditional German filter coffee. It is mostly known in German-speaking countries. As suggested by the name the soft crown is the most important feature of Café Crema. The perfect crown is created when coffee is brewed within 15-30 seconds under extra high pressure.

The coarse grind and the light or medium roasting is another quality feature. The coffee beans are roasted slowly and at low temperatures. As a result, you get a unique strong and full-bodied taste. Furthermore, Café Crema is still unknown in many countries of Europe and has not yet been able to assert against Americano.

From Americans to Americano

The Americano does not actually come from America. Originally the Americano originated from the second world war. The Italian espresso was far too strong for the American soldiers stationed in Italy. Thus, the soldiers asked for a glass of water to stretch the espresso. As a result, a new coffee specialty was born: The Americano.

Americano is the perfect coffee for anyone who loves a mild aromatic taste. The blend ratio of espresso to water is 1:3. Over the past few years, the Americano has also been able to convince a great alternative to the much-loved filer coffee, especially for Germans.

Better than any Café Crema – the Americano at our Coffee-Bikes

To prepare a high-quality Americano, the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta is required. That’s why we only use our own brand Caferino at our Coffee-Bikes. Enjoy your perfect Americano on our coffee-bikes all over the world and if you like, you can learn more about coffee-beans here.

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