Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Coffee myths and what’s really behind them

15. August 2019

That coffee is a real pleasure in the morning is something that hardly anyone would argue about. In addition, however, some myths have been entwined around this popular drink for decades. One wonders: What is really behind it? Which myth is true and which is only made-up?

3 of the greatest myths we want to examine in the following:

  1. Coffee extracts water from the body

This is probably one of the best known beliefs about coffee. In fact, the loss of water when drinking coffee is no greater than with any other drink. It has a diuretic effect, but this effect is only temporary.

  1. Coffee is addictive

Every passionate coffee drinker knows how hard it is to do without your favourite drink. But is coffee really addictive? Don’t be afraid. An addiction in the medical sense cannot arise. Nevertheless, the body gets used to the regular dose of caffeine and would therefore like to have more of it.

  1. Dark roasted coffee beans contain more caffeine

Dark roasts are actually expected to be stronger and have a higher caffeine content. In reality, however, the opposite is true. The longer roasting under high heat gradually releases caffeine from the bean.

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