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Coffee beans

What Your Coffee Says About You

15. May 2017

There are people who let the stars predict their personality. Others seek a therapist or take endless online quizzes. Others yet ask their parents or friends (warning: they only lie to you anyways). We, as a coffee company, developed another method. When we get a new colleague, we analyze their coffee habits. How that looks and what your coffee choice says about you, you are about to find out here:

Espresso: You prefer the LBD (little black drink). You are adaptable and friendly. You always lend an ear to others and are very generous. With your coffee, it is primarily about enjoying the quick, intense taste.

Double espresso: One sip is not enough for you. You have a stressful day to day life. You are always traveling and do not have a lot of time. You work hard and are busy until the end of the day. You are practical and always want to make the most from the least. That’s why the double espresso is the perfect solution: one cup = double the strength.

Cappuccino: You are a very warm-hearted person and often optimistic. With the cappuccino, it is not just about the drink, but also the atmosphere and the cozy comfort you feel when you drink it. You are someone who loves to enjoy things and you take time for the basic necessities of life. Personal happiness and harmony are important to you. It is no wonder then, that the cappuccino symbolizes just that.

Latte Macchiato: You have a high trend and lifestyle awareness. You are ready to pay a little more for quality and sustainability. You are young and dynamic and like to take your life into your own hands. You are confident and full of ambition and therefore, gladly take risks. You are innovative and have a penchant for extraordinary ways of life. It not for nothing that there is often talk of Macchiato Mothers.

Americano: You like sleek elegance. Too many frills get on your nerves. You value utility and quality of products, not the design or brand name. This normal coffee is your thing: tasty and extremely effective.

Cocoa: You like sweet things, and are sweet yourself. You do not think highly of fights, confrontation and arguments. You are a real team player and always want to be on everyone’s good side. Community is important to you and you would never think to go on a vacation alone. Coffee is not really your thing, because the taste is too strong. It is good then, that cocoa exists and that we gladly accept hot chocolate drinkers into our circle.

So that’s basically how it works here at Coffee-Bike with the personality analyses. Of course we accept people in our circle that are neither coffee nor cocoa drinkers… just not that fondly.

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