Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Coffee demand continues unabated despite pandemic

11. May 2021

We have already reported in the past that the demand for coffee is steadily increasing in Germany and around the world. This trend has not diminished even during the Corona pandemic. In 2019, total per capita consumption in Germany alone was 166 litres per year. In 2020, it rose to 168 litres. That may not sound like much at first, but it actually corresponds to about 20 more cups per person. Perhaps surprising at first, given that the majority of cafés had to keep their doors closed in 2020.

It has been shown that people do not want to do without their favourite drink even in the home office. It is easy to explain why one in three households now owns a fully automatic coffee machine. Sales of whole coffee beans have also risen by 26%. By the way, you can also find really good espresso and coffee beans for your coffee enjoyment at home in our Coffee-Bike Online Shop.

Coffee enjoyment – next level

With so much coffee to drink every day, we can sometimes lose track. Fortunately, there are now numerous tools to keep track of daily consumption or to get valuable information about your favourite drink and its perfect preparation. All you have to do is take a look at the app store under the keyword Coffee. There are numerous applications there that, for example, provide you with tips and tricks for the preparation of various coffee specialities or, for real gourmets, offer the possibility to clearly note and rate every type of coffee you have ever drunk.

As you can see, a huge market has emerged around coffee and there is now almost nothing that doesn’t exist. Finally, we would like to recommend our wonderful and practical Coffee-Bike app to you. As a Coffee-Bike fan, it not only offers you the opportunity to quickly find a Coffee-Bike near you on a live map. You can also easily rate your visit to the bike afterwards in the app. In addition, you’ll find lots of valuable information about the Coffee-Bike business and real coffee insider knowledge. So it’s worth taking a look. You can find the app for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.



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