Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Summer time is waffle time!

11. July 2017

If this slogan sounds foreign to you or if you can only imagine having waffles with powdered sugar or hot cherries in the dead of winter, pay good attention now.

After about 7 years of pursuing the idea of a mobile coffee shop, first in Germany and then abroad, we got bored…

Just kidding! The truth is, some of our franchise partners came to us with a specific request. They wanted the option to sell waffles along with specialty coffees. Not wanting to overload the Coffee-Bike with another energy sucking device, the growing Coffee-Bike team expanded to create another innovative product.

The result? WAFFLE-BIKE! Sounds similar to our tried and true Coffee-Bike, we know. And with good reason. Just like the Coffee-bike, the Waffle-Bike is a mobile shop on three wheels. It is also a self-sufficient stand that does not require a power or water connection. The main difference is: instead of coffee there is fresh, first-class Belgian waffles topped with fruity, chocolaty or other yummy toppings.

Imagine a waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream, blueberries or chocolate; perfect for the summer. Our winter recommendation: a waffle with apple compote, cinnamon and maple syrup. So you see, this is truly an all year around option.

But, this is not supposed to be a puff piece on our new product.

Well, actually, it kind of is. You should definitely check it out and try one, two or five of our tasty treats. Either on the street or at one of our Discovery Days, if you are interested in starting the journey of self-employment with Waffle-Bike.

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