Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Coffee – a real allrounder

12. March 2019

It’s an open secret that coffee is a super wake-up call for a good start to the day. But did you know that coffee can also make you more beautiful and can be a great household helper? For most of us, the used coffee grounds end up in the trash regardless. You’d better think about that twice in the future, because you can do a lot with the coffee grounds.

Coffee beautifies skin and hair

Did you know, for example, that coffee grounds are great for combating unattractive cellulite? Caffeine not only stimulates blood circulation, but also dilates blood vessels. Simply mix the powder with a little olive oil and you have an effective and very inexpensive skin peeling. By the way, you can also use coffee ground against tired and swollen eyes. Simply mix your own homemade eye cream made from coffee grounds and olive or coconut oil.

Your hair can also benefit from the coffee grounds. Just add a little of it to your shampoo or use it pure as a coffee rinse. The coffee gives your hair new strength and shine.

Mastering the household with coffee

Do you know that situation? You want to cook yourself a delicious meal, cut a few onions and garlic and the stubborn smell sticks to your hands for days. Coffee grounds is a great helper in this situation. Rub a little powder into your hands. The coffee neutralizes the unpleasant smell. By the way, coffee also helps with strong cheese aroma or other unpleasant smells in the fridge. Put a small bowl of fresh coffee powder in the fridge and the problem is solved. But be careful! It’s better not to boil coffee with the powder afterwards.

And since it’s well known that Easter is coming soon, here’s an extra tip for last-minute colourful Easter eggs. Coffee is a great alternative for dyeing eggs in a natural way.

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Well, could we give you some good ideas? You can find the right coffee (which you should of course enjoy thoroughly before using the coffee grounds) in our online shop. So have a look.

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