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17. October 2017


Everyone knows the feeling – your birthday is getting nearer, an important anniversary is around the corner and the next business party still needs to be planned. The most important thing at each event? That the guests are in a good mood and go home at the end of the day (or night) happy, of course.

Appealing catering is vital to creating a great atmosphere and good moods, but the catering possibilities are so vast, what to choose? Every host wants to provide a special aspect to their catering that will create lasting memories. More and more people therefore, are choosing high quality coffee catering because it fits every occasion, at any hour.

So the decision is made, exclusive Coffee-Bike catering will be at the next party. The most important questions: How do I even book a Coffee-Bike, and how much will it cost? The process couldn’t be easier. With our innovative event planner, your desired catering can be completely customized. How long should the catering be? How many guests are attending? Should delicious muffins or other refreshing drinks be offered, too? All options are open to you and solved by the click of a mouse. Now all that there is left to do is book the event and just like that, the perfect coffee catering is planned!

On our side, a fitting barista from the region will be found within 72 hours, and the client will be notified immediately by mail. Two weeks before the event the barista will personally get in contact to determine any last minute details. This normally includes things like directions, the event schedule and where the Coffee-Bike should be placed during the event. Special requests can be asked of the barista of course, which will be confirmed in writing. Therefore, it is no problem, if a hard-core coffee drinker RSVP’s to your party last minute.

The big day is here! Your personal barista will arrive about an hour before the start of the event, bring his or her Coffee-Bike, and will set up shop to spoil guests with the finest coffee specialities. Guests will not quickly forget the moment a hot espresso invigorates the body and soul. Now the path is cleared for a relaxed event with guests in high spirits. It is also possible for a spontaneous extension of the coffee catering. Just clear it with the barista and avoid tired out guests.

At the end of the event, the barista will quickly collect a signature and that will complete the world’s most uncomplicated catering booking. Whoever misses this, it’s their own fault!

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